MIDI Pianist - An overview of the main features

MIDI Pianist comprises of two different game types: Study mode and exam mode. Before starting a game, select the note range by choosing the desired level and decide for the type of game that you want to play.

The study mode is primary suitable for beginners and helps to learn reading music easily and quickly. The duration of a study session can be set between 1 minute an 1 hour. During this period of time, MIDI Pianist shows you several notes which you have to repeat as correct as possible. The faster you are and the fewer wrong notes you play, the more points you gain. In study mode, MIDI Pianist assists you by showing the name of each note and the name of each key you play. 

Study mode with note names

In exam mode your goal is to play as many correct notes as as possible during 1 minute without any additional help. The high scores of exam mode can be saved offline and online to monitor your progress over time and to compare your scores with others.

Exam mode

NotenumfangMIDI Pianist has a note range from A1 to G4 (A, to g´) in bass clef and from F3 to E6 (f to e´´´) in treble clef. German notation is supported as well as international notation. 

MIDI Pianist provides 30 different levels in the PRO version and 12 levels in the free LE version. The higher the level, the bigger the range of notes. The biggest note range (level 10 of each clef) is shown in the picture left. Bass clef and treble clef can be played separately or together.

Note range of the PRO version in the score and on the 88 key piano keyboard.

MIDI-SetupWe recommend to use a MIDI compatible keyboard with at least 61 keys (or 76 keys for MIDI Pianist PRO) or a digital piano for playing. Depending on the type of keyboard, the connection to your computer is done via MIDI interface or USB (see picture left). If you don't own a MIDI keyboard you can also use the integrated on-screen keyboard which can be played via  mouse or touch.

Virtuelle Bildschirm-Klaviatur (klein, 88 Tasten)
Virtuelle Bildschirm-Klaviatur (groß)
The on-screen keyboard is available in several sizes